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How to wear Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are such a fun addition to an outfit! But they can be tricky and scary to style, so I’m spilling some tips on how to wear statement earrings today.


1. Statement earrings add personality to a simple or solid colored outfit

  • Try your statement earrings with simple outfits, like a little black dress, a plain sweater, a basic tee, or a sweatshirt. They instantly dress up an outfit, and add some personality to a basic outfit.

2. Wear them with your hair up or down

  • I love wearing my statement earrings with my hair in a low messy bun, but they’re also great with a high ponytail, straight hair with one side tucked behind your ear, or peeking out from curls. I think they look especially chic for formal events with a low up-do.

3. Statement earrings draw attention up toward your face

  • I often recommend wearing statement earrings when you’re wearing bold shoes, or a dress or top with a bold print. Those bold pieces draw attention to that area of your body, so add a pair of statement earrings to draw attention back up to your face. With bold outfits, choose a pair of neutral statement earrings, like gold, silver, black, or white, rather than something wild like bright pink or bright blue (although those can still work too, just be careful that they don’t compete with the rest of your outfit!)

4. Keep the rest of your jewelry minimal 

  • When you’re wearing statement earrings, let them be the statement. Don’t make them compete with other jewelry in your outfit. You can wear a simple bracelet or a couple of subtle rings, but leave the rest of your jewelry off for the day.

5. Try earrings that match your outfit, or ones that stand out

  • There’s no rules here, so have fun and try different earrings that match your outfit (like pink earrings with a pink dress), or try a contrasting color like white and orange.

Art sketch of Sylvia owner of Ketoora


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