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Ode to my Mama

Mama, on this Mother's Day I write this ode to you,

To honor the love and care you've given to me

You taught me how to walk and talk

And read me stories from your favorite book

You kissed my boo-boos and dried my tears

And chased away all of my childhood fears

You stayed up late to help me study

And cheered me on when I felt so muddy

You cooked my favorite meals with love

You sacrificed so much to see me grow

And guided me on the path I should go

You taught me to be kind and brave

And to never give up

Your love for me is beyond compare

And I thank you for always being there

For all the memories we've made

And the ones we have yet to create

So, on this special day, I say Happy Mother's Day, in every way

I love you more than words can say

And I thank you for being my mother, each and every day.


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